Rebrand Detroit: The Garden Bug Detroit is now Digital

The seed for Tina’s new business sprouted fourteen years ago in her very own yard. Tina Castle had always loved the outdoors. She started to plant and cultivate her own garden and neighbors started to take notice. When her neighbors began to ask her to plant for them too she said yes.

Over the years Tina grew her landscaping company to about 30-40 customers. She’d handle the design, the planting, and the maintenance. Then, she decided it was time to graduate into a new business: The Garden Bug which is located at 19801 Grand River Avenue in the Historic Grandmont Rosedale community.

The Garden Bug is a seasonal garden center located in the Rosedale Park community. Specializing in indoor and outdoor gardening supplies, gardening education, and organic gardening options. The Garden Bug carries exclusives patio set, a variety of rare perennials, and one of kind pottery from the Pottery Patch.

Urban Neighborhood Businesses are off the Grid:

81% of people research a business online before making a purchase.  After working on the Rebrand Detroit: Innovating Detroit Neighborhood project for a year, I validated the structural challenges in neighborhoods that social impact programs can’t change like seven lane streets, lack of foot traffic, safety concerns and business owners working 10-12 hour days as the primary employee.  In every urban neighborhood in America we are all dealing with the same digital issues which prevent people from driving 20+ minutes to their neighborhood.  

46% of small businesses in underserved neighborhoods in Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami and other cities are off the grid.  These businesses are disconnected from the digital ecosystem and most of them can’t be found in Google Maps or in local search engines like Yelp. After running the Rebrand Detroit project for a year a key finding is getting businesses online is critical to driving revenue.

The 100 Project:

The Garden Bug is the 2nd website in the 100 project that we are launching as a part of the Rebrand Detroit project.  The vision for small businesses that are marginalized in the digital era, to establish new meaning through having websites.  I believe that they can become more prosperous by having a digital presence.

For more information go their website:



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